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Hello, I'm Michele Revivo, Founder of BSBY, Better Snack. Better You®. I spent the last year developing a "Better For You" snack line and it's finally ready to launch! I'm so excited to be able to share it with you.


Live Better. Snack Bettter®!



Being a busy mom of 3 kids, our founder's mission is to create a line of delicious snacks that you can enjoy while knowing they are good for you. That’s why Michele created Better Snack. Better You.® delicious and flavourful healthy snacks that are loved by the entire family. They are enriched with vitamins naturally derived from organic fruits and veggies, high in whole grains with no artificial ingredients, so that you know your busy family is snacking better. We hope you enjoy our BSBY products and we look forward to change the way people snack!

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